Say Goodbye To Your Deodorant Woes & Hello To The Award-Winning Ocean!

Say Goodbye To Your Deodorant Woes & Hello To The Award-Winning Ocean!

There’s a new girl on the block and she’s about to make you go crazy (for all the right reasons!). 18 months of testing has gone into creating our most premium effective natural deodorants yet.

Meet, Ocean…

After 18 months of pain-staking testing, we are finally ready to share our products with the world. Every deodorant and ingredient has been tried, tested, retested, and then tested again. We have sourced the highest quality ingredients, never settled & created the most effective, luxurious line of deodorants that you deserve. Ocean was our first formulation, a fresh breezy scent with healing anti-bacterial Tea Tree Oil.

The time has come for the natural deodorant revolution……. Recent studies explain how the danger of aluminum in conventional deodorants has less to do with the exposure, and more to do with how aluminum physically blocks and shuts down sweat glands, which are the body’s natural defenses to expel the build-up of aluminum and other toxic matter from the body.

As this may be the only life you live, when it comes to personal care health…. Never compromise. When you eliminate the toxins, and give your skin a break – it can do its job. Nourish and support your skin with wholefoods and gentle skincare ingredients – you’ll see a transformation. Natural ingredients; mineral & plant Super powders and nourishing oils & butters do the heavy lifting of deodorising and quick drying.

Deodorants should be luxurious…..because why not….

What’s glamourous about your underarms? If you treat them with the same care as the rest of your body, they go a long way towards protecting your long term health.

We are so excited to launch Elsa’s Deodorants and can’t wait for you to meet them too!

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