• Compostable

  • Each Tube Lasts Over 3 Months

  • Vegan

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  • Saffon F.


    "Keeps you dry and lasts for ages."

  • Zoe S.


    "Life-changing deodorant"

  • Michelle


    "It works wonders!"

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A caring touch for your pits and the planet 🌎

Created for the supporters and sceptics, yogi's, runners and hikers.

Elsa’s is, and will always be, 100% natural and 100% effective.

Protecting your pits from unwanted odours, our skin food keeps you smelling fresh whilst keeping our planet in mind.

Make the switch to natural deodrant today!

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  • 👃

    Up to 48 Hour Protection

    Enjoy your life completely smell-free

  • ♻️

    Compostable Packaging

    Recycle or compost our paper sticks when finished

  • 🌱

    Naturally vegan

    Powered by plants

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    We are pro-perspirant, and therefore are 100% aluminium free

Natural Deodorant Creams

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Nature does it best ❤️

Our main priority is to encourage everybody to demand more from their self-care products. In the same way, we want you to interrogate our products - they’re the result of several years of testing and trialling.

We’re only interested in giving you what your body needs, and nothing else. We’re giving you a Mother’s love - using the gifts Mother Nature gives us.

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