Why We Say No to Sodium Bicarbonate: A Deep Dive

Why We Say No to Sodium Bicarbonate: A Deep Dive

Switch to natural with Elsa's deodorants, thoughtfully crafted from natural ingredients to prevent sweat and designed to be suitable for all skin types. We consciously avoid aluminum and sodium bicarbonate, committing to vegan, no-stain formulations that you can trust.

Unlike traditional deodorants, our aluminum-free deodorants keep you smelling fresh all day you only need to apply a small amount each day.

The alkaline nature of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) can throw off the skin's natural pH balance, leading to redness and painful discomfort. Instead of sodium bicarbonate, Elsa’s uses magnesium and arrowroot powder to combat body odor. So our deodorants are safe for sensitive skin and still suitable for those who sweat heavily.

In the natural deodorant community, sodium bicarbonate is often a go-to ingredient. Sodium bicarbonate helps remove bacteria under the arm quite effectively and has some drying properties.

Elsas Organics Skinfoods Ocean Deodorant StickIn the early stages of developing Elsa’s Organics, we tested using sodium bicarbonate -on humans! We found that whilst allergic reactions were occasional, negative side effects included rashes, blisters and swollen lymph nodes that could be very painful. Evidence suggests that sodium bicarbonate-based deodorants can react to any skin type and cause uncomfortable drying and flakiness in the armpit area. Furthermore, those of us with darker skin tones should be aware that the irritation caused by sodium bicarbonate can lead to darker underarms.

Before using deodorants with sodium bicarbonate, it's important to do a patch test to check for allergies and stop using it if you have a reaction.

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How do Elsa’s natural deodorants work?

Our star ingredient is Magnesium oxide. Magnesium oxide helps control body odour by neutralising the bacteria that cause odour. It is skin-friendly and is much less likely to irritate skin than Sodium Bicarbonate. Magnesium is an essential mineral for the body Magnesium-based deodorants can offer the benefits of magnesium, including muscle function support and improved skin health.

Arrowroot powder is highly absorbent, effective at stopping sweat and helps absorb moisture from the skin. Arrowroot powder is lightweight, doesn't clog pores and is gentle on the skin.

Learn more about Elsa's Ingredients on our dedicated Ingredients page.

Note for those with sensitive skin:

Our Sensitive Deodorant might just be perfect for you! The sensitive deodorant is great for those with a low tolerance for essential oils. All Elsa's deodorants are much less likely to irritate skin than alternatives that use sodium bicarbonate. 

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