About Us

Once upon a time...

Like anything good, our story begins humbly.
Elsa's aims are simple; caring primarily about two things, our wellbeing and the planet. For decades, she’s been developing small batches of artisan skin-care products, so you could say she’s somewhat an expert.
Growing up, Elsa described all of the products we used as “skin food”. We mightn’t eat them, but they enter our bodies the same way, so it was always important to ensure we were sure of the products we were using, especially in a sensitive body area like our armpits.
When my own daughter came home concerned about changes her body was going through in puberty, the last thing I was going to allow her to do was use some of the harmful products that line the shelves of our supermarkets.
It all starts with education, we sat down and spoke, and began to understand that sweating (or perspiring) is part of normal human behaviour. It helps us eliminate toxins from our body, and also helps our body maintain its core temperature.
With my mother’s expertise in mind and the desire to create the perfect product for my daughter, I set on a mission, using natural ingredients to help boost my daughter’s confidence, whilst keeping her body doing its job.
Elsa’s “skin food” isn’t here to stop you sweating, it’s here to give your armpits the same love you deserve.
It’s only taken us 33 years and 3 generations to get here, but we invite you to join us on a natural journey.
With love,