Our Mission

The problem...

We don’t take our personal care routines seriously enough. 

Synthetic products aren’t good for us or the planet. Up until now, Natural products compromised on efficacy. As a consumer, it’s hard to know what to trust.

As a society, we should demand more - for ourselves and from the brands we buy into.

There’s a focus on natural function of our bodies - sweating - rather than the smelly bacteria that’s really the issue. 

Rather than neutralise the bacteria, many deodorants currently block our pores with synthetic ingredients like aluminum to stop us sweating all together. 

We believe nature has the answer to all our problems

Our bodies respond better to natural ingredients as they’re more likely to be in tune with our biological systems.

Natural products usually last longer, so whilst they might be more expensive, their cost balances out over the long-term.

Organic and natural foods are widely understood to be better for us, personal care products are no different.

Natural ingredients are often reusable or biodegradable, they serve their purpose then return to revitalise the Earth, and then can be used again.

Mission: Healthier and happier humans and planet

We’ve started with deodorants as we believe humans deserve better for their underarms.

Looking at deodorants, many synthetic ones containing aluminium clog our pores and mask the real problem that exists, rather than solving it.

The problem isn’t sweat, it’s bacteria.

Elsa’s deodorant allows your body to release toxins and regulate its temperature (through sweat) whilst keeping you smelling great.

Our deodorants do not undermine the importance of efficacy whilst being natural.

We want to raise the bar by normalising the behaviour of customers to challenge the brands they consume (including us) so they are aware of what it is they’re putting onto (and into) their bodies.


Vision: Healthier and happier humans and planet

We imagine a world full of happier and healthier humans. This starts by being sure of everything you put in your body and why.

With that knowledge we can expect increased self-awareness, self-education and self-confidence - whilst demanding more for yourself from your personal care products.

People who care about the future of the planet they belong to and consider the impact of their decisions.

Some day, we hope that ALL products will be sustainable, as this will be the standard to create by, not a USP or marketing ploy.